Know these before you start out as a content writer

Being a full-time content writer and pursuing something I love as a profession wasn’t something that I thought I would do.

But, here I am.

And let me tell you, for every single person that used to say that you are only going to be happy when you do something you love, they are absolutely correct without a speck of doubt.

I love my work more than anything. I love the fact that I can put a fragment of my mind and creativity into something that can benefit the readers. I love the fact that with just a small paragraph, I can convey the kind of emotions that I have always wanted to.

All that being said, the process of becoming a content writer wasn’t the easiest.

Where did I start out?

My journey into the field of content writing dates back to my college days when I needed pocket money but was too shy to ask my parents for it.

If you didn’t know better, I shared the entire story in another blog that I wrote.

The process wasn’t easy at all.

And I am now sat here, typing this away thinking how amazing it would have been if someone guided me back then on how to proceed as well.

I am penning this down with a hope that if it comes in handy for even one person, my job would be done.

Understand your passion first

For the most part, when you mention that you want to pursue content writing as a full-time profession, chances are that people are going to make faces.

And that’s okay. You are not here to please them. You are here to please yourself and if being a content writer for website is something that entices you, do it.

Just do it, as the tagline for Nike suggests.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to content is the fact that you need to be passionate about it.

Anybody can blurb out content on the internet. Millions of blogs like mine are already there who are doing the same thing. So, this is where you need to make the changes.

Being passionate about content helps you bring emotions to the readers in a way that will help them connect to your piece of writing. The process isn’t the easiest and it does take years for you to master the content that “clicks.”

Be up for criticism

As I said before, when you choose the content writer jobs, be ready to be faced with criticism as well. This is a given that you just can’t do without.

The most common phrase that I have heard people say is, “It is just content. What is new there? Anybody can write it, right?”

And this is something that hurts to the core. Because, no!

The content that you are seeing live on the website isn’t as easy as you think when it comes to writing it. The process is extensive and quite tedious too.

Not just blogging, writing content that sells is yet another headache. You need to come up with content that retains the customer’s attention. That’s tough.

So, the next time you think of getting into content writer remote jobs or even the full-time office jobs, be ready for criticism and belittling because that is something that is bound to happen.

Be ready for lesser payments

Yes, this is yet another one of the factors that you need to adjust with. This is especially true for the ones who are just starting out.

Getting clients when you are just starting out is a headache. People are going to pay you less.

The first paycheck that I received was of INR 280 that too for 4000 words. Now that I have worked for almost 4 years in this field, I know how less it is. But, back then, it seemed like a lot because that was my first paycheck.

So, yes, you are bound to get such clients who will pay you less but the experience you gain with ghostwriting polishes your skills and capabilities and hones you as a writer.

Decide next

Many people who get into the content writer jobs are often confused whether it is a full-time job or something that one can do just for freelancing.

You can do either.

If you don’t want to indulge in an office environment and want to work from the comfort of your own home, opt for freelancing. Sharpen your skills along the way and ensure that you take up work and build a good reputation for yourself in the market that will help you get more clients.

Alternatively, if you want to experience the corporate life, apply for the content writer jobs in the companies around you or even in other states, if you want to be a little more adventurous.

Working in an office environment will teach you a lot of things but won’t give you the flexibility that you might get with freelancing. Building your career in the freelancing field as a content writer can take up some time because acquiring clients who pay well and are loyal can be a tough nut to crack in the beginning.

Office works and projects can be very repetitive and make you bang your head which brings me to the last point.

Have a healthy writing outlet

No, I am not talking about the various games and hobbies that you can indulge in apart from the work you are doing in the office.

I am talking about having a healthy writing outlet for yourself.

If you are writing about “ABC” every day in the office, chances are that you are going to end up being frustrated.

The best way to overcome that is by ensuring that you indulge in having your own writing space. You don’t have to write long paragraphs. Even micro tales can be an amazing way for you to catch a break and get your creative juices flowing along nicely.

Trust me, do this.

Being a content writer is very rewarding if you are passionate about what you do. When I started out, I wish I had someone who would have guided me through but now that I didn’t, I don’t want the same for any of the readers who come across this. I have written this blog based on my personal experiences in the past 4 years and I hope it helps you too.

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