I Don’t Believe In Marriages And People Think I Had My Heart Broken

“Someone must have broken your heart.”

I can’t emphasize how many times I have heard this phrase pop out of people’s mouths when they come to know that I don’t believe in marriages.

Yes. I don’t believe getting married is a necessity or a must.

But, some people do have the notion that not getting married ends up leaving a gaping hole in your life.

Agree to disagree then?

No, I seriously didn’t get my heart broken

For a kid who has always focused on either studies, games, and food, I can’t say that I had a lot of time for relationships or even had anyone approach me for one.

See, the problem is that I am not your standard of what we term as “beautiful”.

No, don’t worry, I am over it now. I don’t care what the standard definition is anymore, but growing up, I was surrounded by people who inclined more towards the people who fell into the category of beautiful and enigmatic, as many might often term it as.

So, that was one of the reasons why the prospect of relationships didn’t really work out for me while I was growing up.

I always used to be that kid who sat in the corner or third wheeled their friends, because let’s be real, we all have done it at least once in our lives.

I wouldn’t lie, I have had crushes, serious ones too but then again, I didn’t get my heart broken, contrary to popular beliefs.

(I wish WordPress did have an emoticon option because I desperately need one to express the kind of feelings reeling in me.)

Nevermind, coming back to the point.

Yes, I don’t believe in marriages as I did say before. But, that doesn’t mean that I got my heart broken. Seriously people, stereotype much?

What about when you grow old?

Well, I grow old then. What is about that?

Sarcasm aside, I often have people come up to me and say, “It’s okay you don’t want to get married now but what will happen when you grow old? You will need some companion, won’t you?”

And to all those poking relatives, I ask you-

What if I get married today and my partner dies because of a heart attack tomorrow?

Then what?

If you think life isn’t about the what-ifs, then answer this question of mine before you come up to my face and ask me what I’ll do when I grow old.

Life isn’t as certain as many people picture it as. And for me, marriage isn’t part of even that uncertainty.

So, what is the problem if I don’t get married and live alone in a house when I am 60 years old?

If you are so worried about my future and the kind of impacts my life is about to be hit with if I miss out from marriage, why wouldn’t you worry about what I am doing currently with the same passion?

Just wait, She’ll be the first one to get married

Oh, how often do I get this phrase thrown at my face.

“Just wait it out. People who say like this about marriage are the very first ones who get married.”

First, logic? And second, again stereotypes?

Seriously, people.

Get over it. My choices are mine alone and not yours to make. If you watched a cliché romantic movie where the actress, an anti-love advocate, ending up falling in love with the protagonist of the movie by the end, doesn’t mean that my life is also a cliché chick flick.

So, no, your assumptions are based out of stereotypes and superficial movies and aren’t going to happen any time soon, so get over it.

No, I am not anti-marriage

Before anyone jumps into conclusions, no, I am not against marriages. I just don’t believe the same is in the cards for me and that is okay too.

When I first talked to my mother about this, I could see the hesitance in her eyes. The slight possible dullness of not getting to dress up and dance in her only daughter’s marriage.

But, do know what is great? She has never once forced me to do or even think about anything that I am not comfortable thinking.

I don’t think marriage is a necessity and that is my decision, so I don’t understand why people have to be so hell-bent in planning my marriage even before I think about it.

I am earning well now, supporting my family, living alone in a different state and enjoying my life.

My identity is more than the date when I am ready for my last name to change. If I decide that I don’t believe in marriages, you bet that I am going to stick to my word.

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