I Graduated With Physiology Honors But I Am A Content Writer

“What will you do with a Physiology honors degree?”

This was something that I always encountered. Until and unless you are studying in a professional stream, nobody is going to give you a job. It isn’t a mere observation but an actual fact that people face on a daily basis.

I did too.

With so much pressure around, I felt suffocated and afraid of the possibility of a doomed future. But, here I am, earning well, living alone and supporting my family through it all as well.

This wasn’t the end result many of the people expected out of me when I told them I decided to opt for general stream instead of Engineering, Medical or Law.

Where did it all start?

Content writing wasn’t a profession I was well aware of and it was just during my college days that I was familiarized with it.

The end result? I started doing it.

If you have crossed the phase of college, you would know how hard the struggles are. With so many demands and such peer pressure, the mere pocket money from the parents doesn’t suffice.

This was the reason what drove me to take up content writing as a freelance job.

I still remember that I got paid INR 280 for my first project. I bought sweets and eatables for my family with that money because that was the first time that I earned money based on my own skillset.

I was elated and when I explored more into this niche, I fell in love with the creativity and the freedom I had with this job that I took up to meet my needs during college.

That was when I started my content writing career as a freelancer.

Today though, I work full time, writing for a health website, HealthSpectra.

Did I receive backlash?

When I was in my last year in college, I was completely clueless as to what I could do with my Physiology degree.

I loved the subject, don’t get me wrong. It is a very interesting subject but I didn’t feel like I was meant for it. I have never once forced myself to do things that I didn’t like but those years in college, I did.

I was studying a subject that I loved reading about but saw no future in (for myself).

I didn’t want to pursue masters in this field and I was literally stuck because what people taunted me within the beginning was starting to take shape.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would give me a job.

I well full circle and then came the stress and the anxiety of not being able to make it in this competitive world.

Mind you, I was continuously doing my freelancing projects on the side but I didn’t ever think for once that I would pursue it full time in the coming months itself.

But, here I was.

It was after I was done with the final exams that I told my parents that I want to pursue a career in writing and not move forward with my major in college.

They were supportive, regardless and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

Applications and rejections

Once I made up my mind, I was waiting for my results following which I could just apply to the companies and start working as a professional content writer and not just a freelancer.

I waited around 3-4 months post exams for the results between which I did continue my freelancing projects.

My grandfather has always suggested me to go out of state if you want to make yourself independent and find a better grip at life.

That was exactly what I did.

Just after the results were published, I started applying to companies outside of my hometown.

Needless to say, I was devastated that people would reject me right off the bat, given that I didn’t have internship experience but just the freelance one.

Luckily though, the first company that I applied to, replied back.

It was in Hyderabad and given that my family didn’t have the funds to fly there at such short notice, they settled on a telephonic interview and a sample test.

I qualified both of the rounds and was hired.

Even though the pay wasn’t the best, they assured me a hike within 3 months depending on the kind of performance I have.

It all happened in a flurry and the next thing I know, I was packing my things up and shifting to a completely different state for work.

The experience was exhilarating for the first few months.

But, I survived.

Where did things take off?

The first company that I worked in provided me with so much learning experience that I can not be thankful. Although, it didn’t stick through as it was a startup.

I applied to another company next and was hired to write for the health domain that they had.

And I could feel my life coming full circle because I could finally implement the knowledge from my graduation subject in the work that I did.

I was writing about body functions and physiology and I was elated.

I am currently working there only and I can say that I am the happiest I have ever been.

I am earning well and able to stay alone and even support my family every single month.

A piece of advice

The next time someone comes and tells you that you won’t excel in life, keep that as a challenge for yourself.

Many people will come and taunt your capabilities; it is only you who can answer them back with the necessary answers.

Never did I think that I would be working as a content writer after doing my Physiology honors but here we are. One thing I have learned is the fact that life is what you make of it.

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