When did we become so divided and vile? – #MobLynching

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I am on my phone majority of the day, enough to keep myself updated on what’s going around in the world. There is a reason I have stopped reading newspaper because not only do they focus on “What would sell?” but I just don’t find anything uplifting with the news that are published nowadays.

More of than not, I come across articles and news with the heightened cases of murders, rapes, sexual assault, infidelity and the latest that has recently stirred the nation – MOB LYNCHING.

I read through the constant updates about the increased rate of this crime on a daily basis and the only question that comes in my head is, “When did we become so divided and so vile?”

If you aren’t from India or don’t necessarily keep up with the nation and its activities, you possibly won’t know the severity of Mob Lynching that has been happening since forever, the intensity enhanced in the past few months.

What is Mob Lynching?

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According to Wikipedia, “Lynching is a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group. It is most often used to characterize informal public executions by a mob in order to punish an alleged transgressor, or to intimidate a group. It can also be an extreme form of informal group social control, and it is often conducted with the display of a public spectacle for maximum intimidation. Instances of lynchings and similar mob violence can be found in every society.”

In simpler words, it is a brutal hate crime in which a group of people with their unsolicited beliefs take it in their hands to project their beliefs onto someone else, either with the threat of killing or cruel beatings.

Why is it time to speak up?

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I won’t tout my own horn saying that I am an activist and woke on this subject because trust me, I am far from it. I am learning what is right to do and how I can contribute my part to making this society a place that I would love to reside in.

Contrary to popular beliefs, people’s opinions aren’t in my hands. I can’t manipulate them. All I can do is make myself learn and educate myself through the process and help spread the little of what I have learnt through the platforms that I have.

Reading this, you must be wondering why am I suddenly touching on this topic, right?

Well, because the severity of this issue is out of control, leaving people in a cocoon of fear for their lives if their opinions or worse, their religion, didn’t fall in place with the group of “Lynchers”.

A recent case in Jharkhand, India, left everyone in a state of shock when Tabrez Ansari, was brutally assaulted and beaten to death by a group of people while forcing him to chant “Jai Shri Ram”. It is time we categorise them as a hate crime and do the needful to educate ourselves that India is a secular country, with people of multiple religions co-existing.

Tabrez was brutally beaten to a condition that he had to give up on his life, a young man, just recently married, with his entire life ahead of him, was killed by people because his religion was not the same as theirs.

Sitting here, typing away on my laptop, I ask anyone who is reading is, “Aren’t we supposed to be humans? Then, we did we become so vile?”

Tabrez was not the first person who had to sacrifice his life because of Mob Lynching. Cases similar to this have happened in India before and I still to this day can’t understand why it is not tended to with stricter punishments and paroles?

Offering lacs of money by the government isn’t going to bring back the son one lost or the husband who was beaten to death or the father that a newborn didn’t even address as their “Daddy”.

People are uniting together in protest, to show that a few people’s act doesn’t define the integrity of the entire nation. It is time we come together as well to fight back against it.

When are things going to change for the better? When are we going to stay in a world that respects people’s religions, their beliefs and their opinions? When are such heinous crimes like Mob Lynching and Gang Rapes going to stop? How many Tabrez do we have to lose for the government to open their eyes?

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