4 Reasons Why Every Copywriter Needs to Follow Nas Daily

“That’s 1 minute. See you tomorrow.”

If you are an avid video watcher, you have likely heard this phrase. Yes, I am talking about Nas Daily. 

Nuseir Yassin, profoundly known as Nas, is a famous Israeli-Arab video blogger who has created over 1000 videos, the majority of which are just 1 minute long.

When I came across Nas Daily, or the digital media company, owned by Nas, I was floored. The first video that I saw was on Facebook during his 365 days challenge, where he posted 1 video every day for a year.

Not only did he capture it, but his team also edited it, scripted it, and published it. And, while it took a whole day, the final result was just a minute long.

Ever since then, I have been an avid watcher. Every single video that Nas has uploaded, I have watched it multiple times. Not just because I liked it but because I wanted to learn from it.

See, I work as a content creator on the web. But, the one skill that I want to polish is my copywriting skills. I am terrible with short-form content, especially the one-liners that are used in advertising.

So, I started watching these videos to see how it integrates a complete story in just 1 minute.

And, here’s what I learned.

How words don’t matter?

When you narrate an entire story in 1 minute, you know that words are secondary.

It is how you use those words that matter. 

Instead of stuffing words that are not required, Nas Daily videos teach you how to deliver crisp and snackable content.

If you are a copywriter, you want your audience to be able to skim through your content.

Nas Daily videos highlight essential facts and figures in yellow, so your eye catches it first. This way, you have a better retention span, and you don’t want to click back.

Even though Nas does speak a little fast, he is clear with his vocabulary.

He speaks clearly, and speaks what is needed.

Nas also breaks down the sentences into smaller paragraphs, making it easier for the reader to take it all it.

So, instead of a big chunk of content, Nas breaks down the words into smaller, few word sentences.

It’s the facts and figures

Initially, when I start writing, I didn’t realize the importance of facts and figures. I didn’t understand that to retain the attention of my readers, I need to give them points.

I can’t mention that blogging is a growing field if I don’t tell my audience that around 77% of the internet users read a blog every day.

This simple tactic is what Nas Daily videos are all about.

Their content presents you with facts. It is nothing too exaggerating or nothing “presumptuous.” Every single information shared in their videos is facts.

Facts and figures are also pretty crucial for lead conversion. 

If you are a copywriter, you’d know how important it is to convert your cold leads. If your writing doesn’t convince your reader to take action, it is likely that the writing wasn’t compelling enough.

Presenting the audience with facts enhances the chances of conversion and ROI.

Conversations matter

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a video or even a blog post, if your audience doesn’t feel connected, they won’t stay.

Nas Daily teaches you that basic instinct.

Every single video that Nas posts are inspired by human behavior or the latest trends. Every single video that he shares is meant for people to understand people.

In short, every video he shares is conversational.

This means that the audience feels that Nas is speaking to them directly, as a friend would.

As a copywriter, you need this attribute. You need to ensure that your write-up is conversational and not too formal.

You want the reader to find the solution to their query by the end of the blog and not be more confused.

What is one of the best ways to do so? 

Use. Simple. Vocabulary. 

It is just that simple.

Consider your audience

As a copywriter, you want to publish content that your audience is likely looking for.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing a short post for an advertisement or a full-blown blog for college students; you want to understand their pain points.

Put them in their shoes and try to gauge their problems. Try to ascertain ways in your head. What would you look for in case you had a similar problem?

Trust me; it is just that simple.

Nas takes video suggestions from his Facebook followers, looks through the trends, addresses the universal human problems, and makes videos on them.

But his videos aren’t about the PROBLEM only. His videos render a SOLUTION to the PROBLEM too.

That is what makes all the difference.

If you still haven’t watched any of Nas’ videos, follow their YouTube channel and check it yourself. 

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